Fakebooking Stories

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Telling (Fake) Stories with Facebook

Do you find yourself bummed scrolling through Facebook? All your friends have such wonderful lives. They are smiling, laughing at parties, traveling to exotic places. Not you. You are stuck in the library suffering through that last problem set, doing laundry, eating popcorn for dinner (again), or scooping the cat litter. The mundanity of everyday life never makes much of an appearance in social media spaces despite all the articles that point out just how skewed the stories we tell about ourselves online really are. This dutch woman faked a 42-day trip to Southeast Asia to show just how unreal our lives online can be.

She makes an interesting point, but rather than faking an ideal life to show this skewed perspective, perhaps we could purposely show more mundanity. Maybe those everyday less-than-stellar moments are where people really connect with one another. Are we creating more distance by showing our best selves?

Bonus Free Final Project Idea: Tell a REAL story using Facebook. Consider the blurred boundaries between how we define truth, documentary, nonfiction, reality, and fiction. Can we ever really tell the truth?


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